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Another Successful Eviction by Las Vegas Eviction Services

Another Successful Eviction by Las Vegas Eviction Services

Brittany with Las Vegas Eviction Services attended court this past week as a tenant we served on behalf of one of our clients filed a stay. During the proceedings, the tenant advised the judge that she did not pay rent as she needed the rent in order to close on the purchase of a home. As expected, the judge ruled in favor of our client and the lockout will be completed this coming Tuesday.

Tenants need to understand that once they have signed a lease agreement they are required to fulfill the terms of the lease regardless of whether or not they are buying a home. We receive calls at least once a month from one of our hundreds of tenants advising they want to buy a home and would like to be released from their lease. Even though we have walked the tenant through their lease at the time of their lease signing, tenants still don’t understand they just can’t be released from their lease because they are buying a home. We advise the tenant that even though they are buying a home, they still will be responsible for the terms of the lease until the lease expires. However, we will place the home on the market for rent and once we have found a qualified applicant that signs a lease and takes possession of the property, the tenant will be released from their lease at that time.

If the tenant in our eviction case had contacted the landlord and communicated her intentions, it’s very possible the tenant would not have an eviction on her credit.

If you have any questions about the Las Vegas eviction process, feel free to give Brittany a call at 702.279.6470 or visit our Las Vegas Eviction Forum and post your question.

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