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Letting an expert handle the eviction process can help alleviate the stress of evictions and ensure all laws are abided by. Nevada Revised Statute has strict tenant/landlord laws. A landlord that is unfamiliar with these laws can end up confused and unknowingly be breaking the law. With over 15 years of property management experience, we are well-versed in tenant/landlord laws and the eviction process.

Notice Posting
  • Posting the notice in a conspicuous place on the property
  • Mailing the notice to the property by Certificate of Mailing
  • Retaining a copy of the notice for record.

7-Day Pay-or-Quit

  • This notice is used for non-payment of rent from a tenant. It instructs the tenant to either pay rent or move-out. It can be posted the day after rent was due and not received. But, if there is a grace period, we must wait until after the grace period ends to serve.

3-Day Nuisance

  • This notice is used for instructing tenants to correct an issue such as: nuisance, waste, improper assignment or sublet, unlawful business, or illegal drug use. If the issue is not corrected, we must follow up with a 5-Day Notice to Quit for Unlawful Detainer.

30-Day No Cause

  • This notice is used to instruct a tenant to move-out in 30 days. This can only be served at the end of a lease agreement or if there is no lease. If the tenant does not move-out after 30-days, we must follow up with a 5-Day Notice to Quit for Unlawful Detainer.

5-Day Tenancy-at-Will

  • This notice is used to instruct a tenant to move-out within 5 days. This is only used if the homeowner has given permission to someone to stay at the home for an indefinitely amount of time with no periodic rent paid or reserved.

5-Day Lease Violation

  • This notice is used for instructing tenants to correct a lease violation or move-out. If the issue is not corrected, we must follow up with a 5-Day Notice to Quit for Unlawful Detainer.

5-Day Notice to Quit for Unlawful Detainer

  • This notice is used to follow up the 3-Day Nuisance, 30-Day No Cause, 5-Day Tenancy-at-Will, and 5-Day Lease Violation notices.
Eviction Filings

Eviction filing includes:

  • Filing a Complaint for Summary Eviction and all corresponding documentation with the courts.

What to Expect:

  • An eviction can be filed after a 7-Day Pay-or-Quit notice has expired and rent has still not been received. If the tenant has not filed an answer to the 7-Day Pay-or-Quit with the courts, the judge will review all corresponding paperwork and either approve or deny the summary eviction. If the tenant has filed an answer to the 7-Day Pay-or-Quit notice with the courts, a court appearance is likely. After the eviction is approved, the next step is the Constable Lockout Instructions.

Court Appearances:

  • Court appearances are often necessary if the tenant files an answer with the courts. We will go to court for you. If the tenant suggests that the home is uninhabitable, the judge often requests an inspection of the property be performed and to report back to court at a later date. Inspections are a service we offer.

Inspections Include:

  • Setting up an appointment with the tenant
  • Viewing the property thoroughly
  • Taking pictures and/or video evidence

Constable Instructions Includes:

  • Dropping off the eviction instructions and payment to the constable’s office.

What to Expect:

  • Usually the business day after the constable instructions are dropped off, the constable with post a lockout notice. The constable will perform the lockout with 24-36 hours after posting the notice. The constable does not perform lockouts on the weekends.

Lockout Services:

  • Arranging a locksmith vendor to meet the constable at the property
  • Re-keying all entry doors


Storage of tenant’s belongings for 30 days:

  • Nevada law requires the safe holding of a tenant’s belongings for 30 days after vacating. It also requires a 14-day certified notice to the tenant notifying them that the belongings will be discarded on such date.
  • If a residential tenant leaves personal property in the residence after vacating, that tenant has 5 days to retrieve “essential personal effects.” Further, the tenant may file a motion (within 20 days) to contest the reasonableness of the landlord’s actions in storage of the property; both the daily storage costs, and the removal procedure used by the landlord. The court must hold a hearing within 10 days of the tenant’s motion, and may award the tenant the ability to retrieve “essential personal effects,” even after an initial 5-day period following removal of the tenant. Further, the court may award the tenant damages up to $2,500, if the court finds the landlord acted improperly in handling the tenant’s personal property.

Rehab needed to get the property back in rent-ready condition:

  • Trash-out
  • Cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Repairs
  • Landscape clean-up
  • Other make-ready items

Listing the Property for Sale or For Rent:

  • Regardless of the situation or motivation, we have a team of dedicated agents that know how to both fill your rental or sell your home quickly.

Full property management and real estate services:

  • We offer full property management services to over 600 local residential rental properties; Property Management is the foundation of our business model.

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