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Las Vegas Eviction Notice Summary

Las Vegas Eviction Notice Summary

The Las Vegas eviction process can be very confusing and undesirable, but sometimes necessary. The eviction process always starts with an initial eviction notice posting. Nevada requires the proper, approved eviction notice to be served or the eventual eviction filing will be denied. The type of eviction notice needed depends on the why the landlord is planning on evicting the tenant.

The most common type of initial eviction notice is a 5-Day Pay-or-Quit notice. This eviction notice is used when the tenant has not paid any or part of their full rental amount. The 5-Day Pay-or-Quit notice requires pertinent information including the following: landlord information (name, phone number, address), tenant information (name(s), address), how much rent is owed, when rent was due, what period of time the unpaid rental amount covers, what jurisdiction the subject property is located in, and other various information regarding how the eviction notice will be served. The eviction notice must be filled out properly, then mailed by certificate of mailing, and posted in a conspicuous place on the property. There are other forms of service, but this is the most common.

After the eviction notice is posted and mailed, the tenant is not automatically kicked out. The 5-Day Pay-or-Quit allows the tenant 45 judicial days to pay their full rent amount with reasonable late fees. The exact number of days varies depending on the jurisdiction of the subject property. If the tenant offers the landlord full rent with reasonable late fees, the landlord must accept. Partial rent payments do not have to be accepted. If partial payment is accepted, the eviction notice posting is now invalid and the process must start over. If the tenant does pay the full amount, the eviction process is halted, with no further action needed. If full rent is not paid, then the eviction process moves forward. The eviction process for reasons other than non-payment of rent will vary slightly, but still begin with an initial notice posting.

If you have any questions about the Las Vegas eviction process, feel free to give Brittany a call at 702.279.6470 or visit our Las Vegas Eviction Forum and post your question.

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