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Process to deal with evicted tenants property

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  • Process to deal with evicted tenants property

    Summary eviction granted. Tenant has left all property in unit. Due to the volume of property, instead of inventorying, packing and moving the property, I am considering leaving in place. If I do can I charge a daily storage rate (say monthly rent / 30 days times days stored) before releasing. What are the pros & cons of leaving the property in the unit vs having it moved to storage.

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    According to Nevada law, you may collect reasonable AND ACTUAL costs incurred. If no actual costs are incurred, it is hard to charge a tenant for that.

    Pros of leaving belongings in the property:
    • No moving or inventorying, therefore no additional costs
    • If the items are not touched, it is less likely a tenant could claim items have been broken, stolen, etc.
    Cons of leaving belongings in the property:
    • It is difficult to get the property back in rent-ready or sale condition until belongings are removed
    • When the tenant comes to retrieve their belongings, they will be moving throughout the home, therefore the time needed to remove belongings could be longer. If all of the items are in one location (a storage unit), they could easily load up their belongings.

    NRS 118A.460 - "The landlord shall reasonably provide for the safe storage of the property for 30 days after the abandonment or eviction or the end of the rental period and may charge and collect the reasonable and actual costs of inventory, moving and storage before releasing the property to the tenant or his or her authorized representative rightfully claiming the property within that period. The landlord is liable to the tenant only for the landlord’s negligent or wrongful acts in storing the property."
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